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AVCAS Referral Information

Alternative School Referral Information

How to make a referral to the AVCAS program:

A student referral can be made to the Alternative School Program by a school district. The district needs to send a packet of information to the program director that includes: current IEP, most recent assessments completed (educational, psychological, OT, Speech, PT, etc.), last 2 progress reports, behavior plan if applicable, discipline report and any other pertinent information.

What happens after the referral packet is received?

• The packet will be reviewed by the program director and program coordinator.

• The director will contact the sending district after the packet is reviewed and update the district on whether or not AVCAS may be able meet the student's needs.

• If it is determined that the program may be able to meet the student's needs, the director and/or program coordinator will set up an informational meeting and tour for student and family. The school district is welcome to join any informational meetings.

• After the informational meeting, AVCAS program director will determine if AVCAS is able to meet the student's academic, clinical and behavioral needs and will contact the district with a decision.

• If all members of the TEAM are in agreement, an enrollment date will be determined. AVCAS requires a signed placement page (PL1) prior to student start date.

•Typically, once AVCAS receives a referral the turn around time is approximately two weeks. There are time periods during the school year that are quite busy and will impact the timeline for referral review and placement.

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